A beard and a baby

Allen (Ashley) Haumann was one of a whole lot of people who competed in the first Boise Beard and Mustache Championships, sponsored by Boise Beardsmen. “I’ve been a member of the follically enhanced crowd for about five years. They – and their hangers on – are a pretty fun bunch,” he writes. And then he mentioned that he’d been in the Statesman before — in 1964 — and attached the clip.0310 local beard 14“I’ve had a few ups and downs since that story was done about me back in ’64 (beginning with an emergency flight from Boise to Portland for experimental surgery when I was a month old),” he writes. “I’ve had four shunt revisions (due to clogging) in the past 48 years. I’ve actually been very lucky. Most shunted folks from my era required ten revisions or so. Thankfully, shunt surgery has gone from being groundbreaking back then to fairly routine now. I’m a fourth-generation Boisean; I’ve had lots of family around to help me out.”



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