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7 Months and Counting

Over the last 7 months, 221 days to be exact, Murphy has seen many friends come and go yet he still sits in a kennel waiting for his turn at happy every after. Watch the Murphy Movie, click here

Murphy started his day with a play date with his good friend Lucy. Murphy and Lucy get along so well because they have a similar play style. They both love to run and wrestle and they share a love for toys. Video of Murphy & Lucy playing   Video of Murphy & Lucy fetching a tennis ball

Hamburger Jeff took Murphy to Big Bun for a cheeseburger and tater tots. Video of Murphy catching Tater Tots! Murphy was comfortable in the car and wanted to be sure to have a window seat. He was very eager for lunch and could hardly wait for the food to be delivered. He demonstrated some of the commands he learned in the IDAPI Program such as sit, shake, high five, and down. He was a rock star when it came to catching tater tots he caught them so quick it was nearly impossible to get a picture. Once he got a spoonful of ice cream he wanted more and so Hamburger Jeff indulged him. Video of Murphy’s Brain Freeze

After lunch H.J. took Murphy to Petsmart to visit with I.H.S Staff in the adoption center. Murphy saw a big display of dog beds that were contained in a rather large box and he wasted no time jumping right in. Murphy can be quite silly and has a lot of personality. He was happy to stop and greet shoppers and he was also scouting for new toys as they walked up and down the aisles.

Looking into Murphy’s big brown eyes you wouldn’t know that he’s spent almost half his life in the shelter. Murphy has been at the shelter since August and is currently the dog that has been there the longest. Kennel life has become stressful for Murphy and he has been pulled off the adoption floor. He’s currently looking for a foster or adoptive home. He’s a great boy with so much to offer.  He’s very playful but he also has a soft cuddly side. He loves to share a chair with volunteers in playgroups so he can sneak in some cuddle time. Please share this blog with friends and family in hopes of connecting Murphy with an adopter. For more information about Murphy please call Jenn at 866-1629 or ask to see Murphy at the shelter front desk.

More about Murphy from the Idaho Humane Society


Lucy is one of Murphy’s favorite playmates. She’s been at the shelter a long time too!

For more info on Lucy click here   DSC_0018DSC_0032DSC_0030DSC_0027DSC_0042DSC_0080DSC_0119DSC_0082DSC_0089DSC_0099DSC_0098DSC_0134DSC_0097DSC_0149DSC_0144IMG_3540

Cade an IHS Volunteer enjoys some snuggle time with Murphy during playgroups!

*Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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