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Revised 1/6/14 Shady, Lucy, Schmoodle,  Rocko, Halsey and Jani all share the same New Year’s resolution to find a home of their own and we’re going to make that happen! How? Well that’s where you come in, by sharing and cross posting this blog post you might connect a potential adopter with one of these fabulous dogs. If your not on any of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, please consider emailing this posting to friends and family or even print it out and hang it up at work you never know who might see it!


Shady has been at the shelter for 7 months the longest of all current canine residents. He’s not letting kennel life get him down. He looks forward to daily walks, playing fetch with volunteers, and weekly canine play dates. Shady has actually been featured on the blog twice with hopes of finding him a home. Read all about his lunch dates with Hamburger Jeff here:
Sending out an SOS for Shady     The sun is bright but Shady’s always cool  For more info on Shady click here: Shady’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society


Lucy a sweet girl with only 3 legs has been in a foster home for 9 months and is doing great. Her foster family has done a lot of training with her and she knows all her basic commands. Read about her Cinco de Mayo lunch date here: uno dos tres  For more info on Lucy click here: Lucy’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society


Schmoodle is currently in training in the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI Program) where he lives with and is trained by inmates at one of the Idaho correctional centers. During this two-month period, the dogs live with the inmates in a prison setting and are trained daily in basic obedience. They are also house, leash and crate trained. The dogs are frequently taught a number of fun tricks such as shake with both paws, bow, spin, speak, sit up, crawl, wave, play dead and many times can also perform some agility commands. They also learn to be good indoor companions while at the same time, they get to interact, play and bond with the other dogs in the program. At the end of the training period, these dogs are evaluated to make sure that they have been trained to do all of their required commands. He will graduate on January 18th.

To apply for Schmoodle, you must complete an IDAPI application. If chosen, you will then be asked to attend a 2-hour workshop where you will meet the dog and also learn the commands that the dog knows and how to work with him. If you are interested in applying for Schmoodle, please contact Dee at the Idaho Humane Society and request an application. The phone number is 208/331-8552 and the e-mail address is: .

Read about Schmoodles lunch date here: Schmoodle 1. a term of endearment 2. often refers to a cutie 3. adorable


Very happy to report since this original blog post on January 1st Trace has been adopted!

Read all about Trace’s lunch date here: without a Trace


Jani has been at the shelter since 9-16-13. She was originally adopted in May but came back to the shelter a few months ago after her owner moved out and left her behind with roommates. The roommates had only nice things to say about Jani but they weren’t in a position to be able to keep her. This girl lives to play fetch with a tennis ball! She is an all around athlete who enjoys being active with volunteers in the play yard. Jani can be overwhelming for other dogs and does best with dogs that match her energy level. Other than Shady, Jani is the only dog that has had two blog posts.

Read all about Jani’s lunch date here: Jack and Jani

Jani take 2

For more info on Jani click here: Jani’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society


Rocko was originally at the shelter over the summer. He was adopted in September and recently came back to the shelter when his owner was incarcerated. He’s still a big goofy boy with lots of love to share. Its obvious he was loved and cared fore because he;s matured in to such a gentleman. He enjoys playgroups with his BFF Jani and others. For more info on Rocko click here: Rocko’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society

Read about his lunch date here: Yo Adraian it’s me Rocko


Halsey was recently adopted but sadly she was returned for landlord issues. She’s a playful, energetic dog who loves to play with toys and tennis balls. She can be a bit much for some dogs but she does enjoy play dates. For more info on Halsey click here: Halsey’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society

Read all about her lunch date here: Deck the halls with Halsey


For questions regarding any of the dogs posted here please contact Jenn at 208-866-1629

Please discuss adopting a dog with your landlord before you come to the shelter. It’s heartbreaking for everyone when a dog has to be returned.

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